Vocational Training




In the headquarters of Bankura District a computer training centre has been setup by LAMP in its own land & building at Pratapbagan. 60 unemployed and college students of low income families are the prospective beneficiaries each year.

At the Women’s Resource Development Centre – DISHARI, West Chowbaga, Tiljala, Calcutta, a computer training centre will be set up by LAMP for distressed Women and Street Children. This year 80 students of slum areas will get training facilities at the centre.


300 tribal women in Bankura and Purulia districts would be in a position to raise additional family income through medicinal plants cultivation after they have recevied the ongoing training from LAMP’s Medicinal Plants Cultivation Training Programme.


100 low income group women of slum areas in Calcutta successfully completed training on diversified jute handicrafts and had become self-employed.

TRYSEM training of women, organized LAMP Orissa State Branch at Bangriposi, Orissa

Vocational Skills and Entrepreneurship Development among the members of SHGs

State(s) District(s) Branch(s) No. of training Camps organised No. of members covered under the training camps Trades/Traits
West Bengal Kolkata & 24Pgs(South) Chowbaga, 9 144 Detergent powder making/Animal husbandry/ soft toys, embroidery & needle wor, Ayurvedic Drugs etc. Marketing techniques and Entrepreneurship Development.
24 Pgs(North) Jadavpur,
Burdwan Rajarhat, Asansol
Bankura Bankura,
Orissa Mayurbhanj Bangriposhi 6 45 Incense sticks, Bori, chalk,Lack Dye, Garments, papad making, etc. Marketing techniques and Entrepreneurship Development
Delhi East Delhi Ganeshnagar 3 27 Embroidery, Marketing techniques and Entrepreneurship Development
Total 23 216

After completion of the above-mentioned trainings, most of the trained women members had taken initiative for starting their income generation activities for which they had been provided with micro lending support.

It is to be worth mentioning here that one SHG group at West Chowbaga had started the detergent powder making business in the “ ANAND ” Brand name, which is now marketed in different parts of West Bengal, Jharkhand and Orissa States.

Another SHG Group at West Chowbaga in collaboration with the SHG groups of Orissa is going to start manufacturing of Ayurvedic drugs, for which application has been made for drugs manufacturing licence to be issued by the Government of West Bengal.

SHGs in Orissa have been successfully involved in production of Incense Sticks, Papad, Readymade garments and Bori making and their businesses are run very profitably today.


Track Record in conducting EDPs

Liberal Association for Movement of People organised it’s 1st Entrepreneurship Development Programme in the district of Bankura in the year 1995 in association of Gana Unnayan Parshad and in collaboration with Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India, Ahmedabad. The programme was sponsored by Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI). Since then LAMP has organised number of EDPs in different districts of West Bengal with financial support from different sources mainly from Ford Foundation for the benefit of the clients of the Micro Finance & Livelihood Development Programme of LAMP. In most of the cases success rate in terms of setting up of units is approximately more than 60 %, even in some cases more than 95%. More than 1000 Self – Help – Group members and school / college living youths have been trained on basic entrepreneurial skills


  • Accelerating industrial development by enlarging the supply of entrepreneurs.
  • Assessing industrial development of rural and less developed areas where local entrepreneurship is not readily available and to which entrepreneurs from nearby cities and towns are not easily attracted.
  • Enlarging the small and medium enterprise sector ( employment ranging from 5 to 50 as a thumb – rule) which offers better potential for employment generation and wider dispersal of industrial ownership.
  • Providing productive self – employment to a number of educated and low educated young men and women coming out of schools and colleges.
  • Improving performance of small industries by enlarging the supply of carefully selected and trained, ‘well rounded’ entrepreneurs.
  • Diversifying sources of entrepreneurship and thereby promoting dispersal of business leadership; and
  • Developing new 1st generation entrepreneurs from non-traditional groups, thereby breaking the monopoly of dominant business casts and communities and diversifying the entrepreneurial resource base of the locality as well as the country.


The content of the programme is broadly classified as follows:
  • Entrepreneurship Development Process and Model : Concept, process, models and strategies, monitoring and follow up
  • Skill and behavioural training: Entrepreneurial motivation and competencies, problem solving, counseling and communication.
  • Resource building: procedures and formalities in setting up new enterprises, incentives and benefits for entrepreneurs.
  • Self directed attitudinal and behavioural changes resulting in confidence building for taking up entrepreneurship development related activities.
  • Knowledge-based information inputs: procedures i9nvolved in initiating, planning, implementing and expansion
  • Business Opportunity Identification: Industrial opportunity cloud
  • Business profile preparation, business plan formulation, assessing the viability of a business plan
  • Small business management : Technical, financial, personnel, marketing, legal matters, etc.
  • Business Crises


To impart the inputs in the programme structure, the following training methods will be adopted:
  • Lecture-cum-discussion, case studies, role-plays and simulation exercises.
  • Interaction with successful Entrepreneurs for practical insights.
  • Planning for a new business and opportunity guidance
  • Study visits to institutions and small enterprises.
  • Group work and practice sessions.
  • Preparation of final plan and project idea, application for loan.
  • Six months monitoring and follow up support.