Our Objectives

General Objectives of LAMP

  • To identify the root causes of various injustices inflicted on, under-developed situations and problems faced by the target groups especially Women and Street and Working children and analysing their root causes through studies and researches in order to take necessary action against them.
  • To increase the level of awareness among the activists for organising struggles to establish the rights of the Women and Street and Working Children’s action grops, Workers’ Action Groups, Coopera­tives and rights and duties of labourers in unorganised sectors.
  • To take actions for the empowerment and sustainable development of the people of target groups.
  • To develop scientific attitude and knowledge among the activ­ists for organising struggles to abolish superstitions, abuses etc.
  • To develop leadership qualities, self-confidence, technical skills and decision-making power among the activists at both micro and macro level.
  • To develop solidarity among the people of reference groups.